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On the Seed Farm

How we do it

  • Thrivers and Survivors Thrivers and Survivors

    This sunny week (and our cathartic new t-shirts) have truly lifted our spirits, and it seems, the plants' moods have lifted as well.

  • Dripping with Irony Dripping with Irony

    We're receiving a USDA grant to put in a drip irrigation system on the farm! Ironically, we have not had to water at all this season.

  • Weather Records, Endless Broccoli Bliss, and Summer Sowing Weather Records, Endless Broccoli Bliss, and Summer Sowing

    2009 has proven to be an especially challenging growing year, and the tomato lovers among us are all anxiously awaiting some heat.

  • Seed Sense: Pepper Prowess Seed Sense: Pepper Prowess

    Proper pepper care (as they get ready to flower)

  • Time to Go A-Roguing Time to Go A-Roguing

    It is time to be thinking about saving seeds but first, it is time to discover your inner rogue.

  • Garden Notes for Seedy Folks (Underwater) Garden Notes for Seedy Folks (Underwater)

    On Saturday we celebrated the Solstice in the dank gloom of this unseasonable cold and wet June.

  • Rain Delays... Rain Delays...

    In the distance there is thunder. Again.

  • The Spring Rush Continues The Spring Rush Continues

    We've been in full-fledged spring rush mode: breaking lots of new ground, weeding, shaping beds, amending soil, and, of course, sowing seeds.

  • Some Seeds Save Themselves Some Seeds Save Themselves

    Un-preparing beds for self-sowers.

  • Little Bok Choys We Hardly Knew Ye Little Bok Choys We Hardly Knew Ye

    So, what I erroneously dubbed "summer" in my last post was merely a whiff of the incredible and startling heat wave that has descended on the northeast the past four days.

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