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  • Rain Delays... Rain Delays...

    In the distance there is thunder. Again.

  • The Spring Rush Continues The Spring Rush Continues

    We've been in full-fledged spring rush mode: breaking lots of new ground, weeding, shaping beds, amending soil, and, of course, sowing seeds.

  • Some Seeds Save Themselves Some Seeds Save Themselves

    Un-preparing beds for self-sowers.

  • Little Bok Choys We Hardly Knew Ye Little Bok Choys We Hardly Knew Ye

    So, what I erroneously dubbed "summer" in my last post was merely a whiff of the incredible and startling heat wave that has descended on the northeast the past four days.

  • Suddenly Summer Suddenly Summer

    Spring had been plodding along, coolish, slower than usual, and then--with little warning--a solid blast of warmth soars up on southern winds.

  • The Fickleness of Early Spring The Fickleness of Early Spring

    The days are now more light than dark, and the promising green sprouts embolden the winter weary to believe that warmer weather is soon to come.

  • The Value of Benign Neglect The Value of Benign Neglect

    All young beings benefit from this benign neglect, including vegetable seedlings.

  • Tucked-In Beds Tucked-In Beds

    The past few nights have been quite cold for late March, which means seedlings need extra protection to make it through the night alive.

  • Entering the Seedy Stretch Entering the Seedy Stretch

    It's the Ides of March, and with this beautiful sunny weather it's hard to beware much--especially Old Man Winter.

  • The Roots of March The Roots of March

    The thawing soils of March make one of my favorite root vegetables available: parsnips.

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