On the Seed Farm

How we do it

  • Melon Harvesting 101 Melon Harvesting 101

    Ah--melon season: capture that sweet garden window that's perfect for growing your own dessert.

  • While You Were Away While You Were Away

    Awesome Intern Emily weighs in on benign (or necessary) garden neglect, weeds, and dishes dirt about the farm.

  • Weeds: Appreciation and Eradication Weeds: Appreciation and Eradication

    Weeds don't need us. Wet or dry, chewed up by hungry bugs, finding nothing but poor soil, they manage to thrive

  • Benign Neglect Revisited Benign Neglect Revisited

    All of the dependent beings we tend benefit from a little benign neglect, including your garden.

  • Question of the Week: Spider Senses Question of the Week: Spider Senses

    Can you keep the spiders but rip out their weeds?

  • Goodbye Garden? Goodbye Garden?

    Another post from awesome intern Emily.

  • Awesome Intern Post: Seeds + Art + Friends Awesome Intern Post: Seeds + Art + Friends

    Updates from awesome intern Emily.

  • Alison's Post Alison's Post

    Here's Alison's first post (our other awesome intern). We hope you enjoy learning along with them.

  • Awesome Interns Awesome Interns

    Our interns are here and working hard. Meet Emily and Alison!

  • Farm, Pack, Ship, Repeat Farm, Pack, Ship, Repeat

    More gardeners than ever before are turning to the Seed Library as their primary seed source. We've been doing our best to keep up!

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