An overwintered Cape Cod Rutabaga replanted for seed. Its leaves are blanched from dark storage. SIze is between a softball and a soccer ball.

Cape Cod Rutabaga

Brassica napus

Sustainably Grown Seed

Or is it a Turnipabaga?

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This seed was donated to the Seed Library by Paul from Veritas Farms where farmer Jessica was helping to save seeds. Paul had received the seeds from a salty dog on Cape Cod who swore he lived solely off these "turnips" and onions every winter. We think it looks more like a rutabaga! When it was going to seed on our farm the masses of yellow flowers were taller than Ken. Whether turnip, rutabaga, or Turnipabaga, it's large, stores well, and deserves to live on as a winter staple for any homestead.

This first photo shows the overwintered plants. They looked ragged at first, but perked up soon after we planted them. The second pic shows the same plants flowering later in the season. They are about 5-6 feet tall!

Spacing in Row 6 inches
Days to Maturity 90 days
Direct sow in early to mid-July for a fall harvest. Thin to 6" apart. Keep watered and cover with light row cover if necessary to keep flea beetle damage to a minimum. Harvest when roots are large after the first frost if possible; keep the tops and eat them if you wish. Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator or in a root cellar through the winter.

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